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    2014 National Perinatal Medicine Progress Seminar in Tianjin

    2024-7-15 10:26:23

    During Dec. 6th and 7th, 2014, the Chinese Medical Association held 2014 national perinatal medicine progress seminar in Tianjin Jinlihua Hotel. This conference is about the perinatal academic event and pediatric field. Over 800 perinatal medical experts and health care workers from all over the world have participated in the seminar.

    Longood Medicine Co., Ltd. brings "Andi Baby" to the exhibition to give every medical worker a good introduction of production. Longood provided sample and introduction pages of products. And then, so many medical workers knew the "Andi Baby ".

    The nursing mainstream of neonatal umbilical is open treatment. The open nursing way can dry and accelerated abscission umbilical cord stump. However, there are many problems leaded by the open nursing, such as "efficacy of decay", "cross infection”,"secondary pollution" and other dangers.

    "Andi Baby" the disposable fully sealed design completely solved the traditional way problems. At the same time, it also has another two advantages. On the one hand, polyvinyl alcohol ether complex iodine is contained inside that can sterilize more efficiently; On the other hand, polyvinyl alcohol ether complex iodine can form a protective layer on the surface, which can continue protecting neonatal umbilical up to four hours. It was accepted by experts that Longood was to reduce the risk of neonatal umbilical infection.

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