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  • longood---Disposable Liquid-Lod Wipeader

    2024-7-15 9:53:14

    Product name: Disposable liquid-lod wipeader


    Details:Suitable for post neonatal umbilical surgery cleaning and disinfection care


    Trade name: Longood


    Registration No.: Jing shi Yao Jian Xie(Zhun)Zi 2013 No.2641412


    Product standard: YZB/Jing 0379-2008


    Product components: 0.2%-0.5% polyethylene polyoxinol-iodine solution


    Product specification


    Longood product(1ML×2 swab)







    Longood product(1ML×2 swab×5)






    Longood product(1ML×20 swab)




    Application scope:used for post neonatal umbilical surgery cleaning and disinfection care


    Core advantages:

    Clean and sterile:

    Neonatal umbilical region is an important entry for germs to intrude into neonate’s body, causing bacterial infection and umbilicalitis and septicemia in severe cases and endangering neonate's life. Polyethylene polyoxinol-iodine has strong surface activity and is able to clean umbilical secretions. In addition, polyethylene polyoxinol-iodine is a wide-spectrum disinfectant that can rapidly and effectively kill various germs that can cause neonate umbilical infections, including bacteria, fungus, virus, Chlamydia, etc.

    Safe and convenient:

    In order to help the parents perform standardized neonatal umbilical care, An Di made innovative design for the product to enable its whole sealing and non-volatile liquid medicine; disposable cotton swabs cause no contamination; one swab a time makes it portable and safe.

    Film protection:

    After applying polyethylene polyoxinol-iodine, an antibacterial film forms at neonatal umbilical surface, which slowly releases antibacterial factors and delivers effective protection for more than 4 hours and protects neonatal umbilical health.


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